Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Worker Program (AADWP)

Goal of the Program

The goal of the Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Worker Program( AADWP) is to assist Aboriginal people in addressing alcohol/drug issues and preventing or minimizing the negative effects of addictive substances for aboriginal individuals, families and communities. The AADWP is designated as a community based assessment, referral and support program for Aboriginal people desiring to improve their quality of life by moving away from addiction lifestyles.

The AADWP also provides alternatives to alcohol, drug and solvent abuse through family and community based activities and events, which promote healthy active living free from alcohol and substance abuse. Plans of recovery and after care support programs are also provided to those who return from Treatment Centres.

The AADWP workers at the Timmins Native Friendship Centre also provide education and information services to schools, community groups, and mainstream treatment and service providers. Workers also participate in health fairs and community events to promote and articulate the aspirations of the urban Aboriginal community.


For More Information Contact Timmins Native Friendship Centre Reception reception@tnfc.ca