Kiskinohamatowin Aborginal Alternative Secondary School Program (AASSP)

Kiskinohamatowin Crest

Overview of the Program

Kiskinohamatowin is the Mushkegowuk/Swampy Cree translation meaning: To get educated by “Learning from Each other". It is a partnership between the Timmins Native Friendship Centre, Timmins High and Vocational School, District School Board of Ontario North East, Ministry of Education and the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres. Kiskinohamatowin is a full time alternative high school program that includes individual independent learning, as well as teacher led courses.

Our Vision

To provide a comfortable environment that is sensitive to the needs of our students.
Students have an opportunity to learn in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.
Offer a culture-based setting in all areas of life.
Focus on emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual balance, so that each student can become an active member in the community and obtain an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Our Mission

Love:  Students will learn in a safe and caring environment. Students are encouraged to work through, and learn from life challenges. We are an environment free of judgment, where everyone is encouraged to grow together.

Respect:  Students will learn self-respect, and respect for others. Our environment is based on respect for traditions, culture, and sacred items. We will always speak in a respectful manner, and will be mindful of individuals’ values and beliefs.

Bravery:  Our students are encouraged to work hard, and take chances. Courage will be developed from working through obstacles and life challenges. Through the support of staff and peers, our students will graduate with courage to keep moving forward, to continue to work toward success.

Honesty: Students will be honest with themselves and others. Students will take part in a learning environment that is based on honesty and sincerity. Students will be instructed, motivated and mentored by staff and peers in a genuine and sincere environment.

Humility: Students will be provided an equal opportunity to education, regardless of their cultural background. Students will achieve individual success, and learn the importance of being humble wherever their paths may lead them.

Wisdom: Students will not only acquire academic knowledge; continuous learning of culture, and language and traditions are encouraged within our school curriculum, and programming.

Truth: Students will faithfully apply the Sacred Teachings of our Grandfathers  & Grandmothers. Everyone is to be sincere and faithful in their actions and character.

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