Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition Program

Overview of the Program

The Aboriginal Prenatal Nutrition Program (APNP) is open to off-reserve Aboriginal women of childbearing years, pregnant women, and mothers with children under the age of six months. The program is traditionally based and culturally specific. The program provides nutrition, labour and birth preparation information, breastfeeding information and support, parenting skills workshop, and information on pregnancy and baby development.



“Children are a gift from the Creator and we bring certain values and notions about how we view the child inside us when pregnant.” (Jaynane Burning Fields) “The responsibilities of the parents are to care and prepare the Creator's children to follow the Creator's plan for them. The most important time in a child's life is the first five years. A child learns everything they need in the first five years of life, everything else is just practice.” (Bea Shawanda)

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