Apatisiwin - Employment and Training (APATISIWIN)

Overview of the Program

The Apatisiwin Program offers a variety of employment programs, education and services designed to provide opportunities for urban Aboriginal people of Ontario to better their economic lives through culturally based services in an employment focused partnership environment.  The program is in partnership with the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC).


General Description

There are interventions used to allow clients to prepare themselves to enter into career oriented employment. The criteria for these interventions will based on providing the means through which Apatisiwin clients can work towards entering an expanding job market with required skills and support necessary for long term success.
The Apatisiwin Interventions are designed to ensure that the strategic priorities of Aboriginal Skills and Employment Strategy (ASETS) are achieved.

*Apatisiwin is a Swampy Cree word meaning “Employment, Training and Jobs”.*

For More Information Contact Timmins Native Friendship Centre Reception reception@tnfc.ca